Azizul Yusof

Welcome to my page.
My name is Azizul Yusof, an Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Designer and a Freelancer.

During my Off Hours, i serve Small and Mid Sized Businesses as a Freelance Web Designer, a Freelance Internet Marketing Consultant and a Freelance Graphic Designer so that they can have the best Service but with an affordable Cost.

Some of my Popular Services for Small and Mid Sized Business, are:

  • Design Services ( Web Design, Landing Page Design, Advertisement Design, Graphic Design and more )
  • Internet Marketing Service ( Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Internet Advertising, Google Advertising, Retargeting, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Lead Capturing and etc )

To know more about me, my services and my works, please visit my website at

To directly contact me, please connect either to my Google+ , my Twitter, my LinkedIn , my Facebook or by filling up a simple contact form here.

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